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Under the name SOM MAR Association, Association of Integral Health at Sea and Network of Custodians of the Mediterranean, we have constituted ourselves as an associative entity, with the will to preserve the health of the sea and the coast and to generate initiatives that allow us to develop a greater ecological and social responsibility. So that the respectful and deep relationship with the sea and the coastline are given their due relevance, we want to facilitate the recognition of their great tangible and intangible value, and we are committed to widening the social base of the entity. And that's why we want to invite you to be part of it.


The purpose of the association is to raise awareness of the sea as a living being and a sacred natural space, which is currently in a very bad state, and which is essential for our overall health. In this sense the association proposes as its main objective the protection and recovery of an optimal state of health of our Mediterranean and our coastline.


Our initial scope of action is the Cap Ras (in the municipalities of Llançà and Colera), with the intention of becoming a model to extend from the North Costa Brava, above Cape Creus in the high sea Mar d’Amunt to other points of the Costa Brava and the whole of the Catalan coast, until being able to create a network with all the Mediterranean basin.


This model of protection and recovery of the sea and the coastline cannot fail to include the tourist and urban development model, the model of exploitation of marine resources, the recreational and sporting use of the coastline, and the awareness of people and institutions regarding the sea as a space of integral health (physical, mental/emotional and spiritual) for humanity.


We want to make a Network of Custodians of the Mediterranean.


We aspire, therefore, to recover the deep relationship with nature and to re-establish a relationship of appreciation, love and respect with the sea and the waters of the world, developing a new "Marine Consciousness".


Our areas of work are:


-Tourist model: to go towards a quality tourist model that minimizes the ecological footprint, promoting the creation of a tourist offer that contributes to transmit the deep value of the sea and the coast that is defended from the association.


-Urban development model: to preserve the few kilometers of coast that are still to be built, in order to preserve their landscape value and their characteristics as a natural space, the interaction of the marine and terrestrial ecosystems, the water networks, etc.


-Fishing model: to collaborate to make fishing more sustainable and to promote fishing practices, as well as the extraction of any marine resource, in a fair and respectful relationship with the sea, understanding that we cannot extract more from the sea than it has to offer.


-Model of recreational-sports use of our beaches and coastline: involving users and companies in a relationship that respects the environment.


-Integral health model: recover the sea and the coast as a space for the integral health of humanity (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).


-Network cooperation model: join forces with other entities, territories, professionals and people who are already taking action to safeguard the sea.


As a member of the entity you will be able to enjoy three free activities or experiences per year and we will keep you informed of all the free or paid activities that we organize, and of the calls for general assemblies.

Likewise, at any time you wish, you will be able to participate in one of the work groups that are already developing specific projects: at the moment we have our sights set on a conference on integral health at sea in September and on the creation of an annual calendar of activities at sea with a profound, contemplative or spiritual character. As a member you will also be able, at any time, to present a new project to the Board for its evaluation and execution.

The annual fee is at this time 25 €.


We hope that the project will resonate with you and that you will want to become a member. Together we can create a new marine awareness!

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