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The custodians of Som Mar

-Càtedra Oceans i salut humana. Chair Oceans and Human Health. Its main objective is to carry out studies on the complex relationships established between marine ecosystems and human health.

-SOS Costa Brava. Platform where we work to prevent the barrage of threats to the environment on the Costa Brava.

-Eco-Swimming,  an action that consists of swimming in open water and taking advantage of the sea bed to pick up the garbage that is found.

-Projecte Rutes blaves. Blue Routes Project - marine awareness, accompanying groups to experience the sacred, conscious and meditative bond with the sea. Twice a year a popular outing is organized to collect garbage from the coves and the sea.

-Silene. Silene is a non-profit association, established in Catalonia, dedicated to studying, disseminating and promoting the spiritual and intangible cultural heritage of Nature and its inherent values, towards its conservation, especially in protected natural areas

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