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We are a living part of a living whole, a living being. We are nature. We are sea. Everything is connected.

We can no longer deny the direct relationship between integral human health and nature. Integral health includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

In many protected natural areas in various countries of the world, services or activities are offered to reconnect in depth with nature, in all human dimensions, and there are more and more that explain spiritual health. In our country we already have initiatives such as the forest baths, which take over the therapeutic value of the green areas. At Som Mar we know that the blue areas, and in particular the sea, also have this deep healing power.


The sea becomes a great space for contemplation when its beauty, its movement, its infinity transports us to another state of conscience. The sea, when it becomes a space for play, for enjoyment, for connection with nature. The sea, when it allows us to be liquid beings, connecting with our own waters. The sea, with its biodiversity of plants and animals. The sea, and the symbiosis it establishes with the land, when its waters pamper beaches and strike cliffs. The sea, which balances the planetary ecosystem. The sea that makes the planet where we live the blue planet, and that originates life.


At Som Mar we work not only to offer you healing experiences in the sea, but also to ensure that together we preserve its health, which is also ours. At Som Mar we work to generate change and establish a new relationship with the sea.

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