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We live at a time when the actions of the human species have developed creative and destructive power on a global scale, and yet we fail to cultivate a sense of responsibility that corresponds...

Many of us already recognize that there is a direct relationship between the health of the sea and that of planet earth, between the health of the sea and our own. There are already many of us who know that the sea is our home, and we feel the need and urgency to protect it.

We want to create a network with other territories that have already embarked on the care of the sea and the coastline, and also to create a network with people and entities or groups in our territory with a vocation to become guardians of the Mediterranean Sea.


Inspired by oceanographer Sylvia Earle's Mission Blue project, among others, we plan to make our marine territory a hope-spot, included in the world's network of marine protected areas. Dead zones in the world's oceans, where the lack of oxygen is preventing the development of marine life, are increasing at a rapid pace. They are largely the result of fertilizer spills and fossil fuel creams, as corroborated by several scientific studies. This pressure on marine ecosystems requires changes in tourism, environmental, fisheries and conservation management models. And this is only possible if we join forces, if biologists, municipal managers, environmental technicians, politicians, hotel owners, coastal tourism companies, sea lovers and citizens and users become aware of our responsibility.


If we want to survive, we will have to find ways to take care of the world's seas, marine ecosystems and marine biology. We propose to start by protecting our little piece of sea, in the hope that this initiative will be contagious and will extend beyond our beaches.

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